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Bull Riding at a rodeo where light may be low and action is exeptionaly fast: Try your TV setting. Try and your setting to the highest possible number. On a canon rebel if it starts to blink it is too high. even better. use manual get the lowest f stop you can and see if you can get up to about 1/2000 of a second. you may need to change the iso if you cant get that fast.


Flowers in foreground and mountain far away: Devil's castle in albion basin at Alta ski resort: use the AV mode and turn to highest number possible. try many settings if you have a digiatal =)


to make water flow try and get the time value to about 2 seconds. you will absolutley need to be on a tripod. even hitting the shuitter button might jiggle the camera so use the timer to aviod camera shake.

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Traditionally, the product of photography has been called a photograph. The term photo is a convenient abbreviation. Many people also call them pictures.

In digital photography, the term image has begun to replace photograph. This term is neither more nor less correct than photograph , either in film or digital photography. (The term image is traditional in geometric optics.)

Although not viewed by all photographers as true photography, digital photography in fact meets all requirements to be called such. Even though there are no chemical processes, a digital camera captures a frame of whatever it happens to be pointed at, which can be viewed later.

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