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Diamond P Photography

Diamond P Photography by Jim Gault
Diamond P Photography by Jim Gault
Diamond P Photography by Jim Gault
Diamond P Photography by Jim Gault
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Diamond P Photography by Jim Gault








Nature Pictures
Diamond P Photography
James Gault
Park City Utah 801-755-6737
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Call for rates on hiring Jim Gault for custom photography for personal or professional use. Particular interest in photography of animals, landscapes, mountain sports, people, catalog and for web usage.
. Jim Gault has been photographing the west since 1997. Learn more about or hire Jim Gault for photography shoots.
Utah Rodeo Photographer

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In digital photography, the term image has begun to replace photograph. This term is neither more nor less correct than photograph , either in film or digital photography. (The term image is traditional in geometric optics.)

Although not viewed by all photographers as true photography, digital photography in fact meets all requirements to be called such. Even though there are no chemical processes, a digital camera captures a frame of whatever it happens to be pointed at, which can be viewed later.


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